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Ouch! The Scab Had to Come Off

Updated: Feb 19

My first book collaboration was released a few weeks ago. When asked how the writing process was for me, I responded by saying "it was bittersweet". It was indeed a bittersweet experience for me.

The book, Prepare For Purpose - Your Invitation to the Next Level, penned by ten phenomenal women is meant to encourage the reader to pause and consider their actions as they move to their next level. Each of the authors transparently share a piece of their lives and how, in spite of adversities, they keep moving forward.

My writing experience was bitter because I wrote about my son's tragic death and how, in spite if it, I manage to live an impactful and meaningful life by choice. Bitter because in order to tell the story I had to pull the scab off some of the grief related wounds that had begun to heal. Ouch! It was painful! At times I was forced to step away from the writing for some days; bitter.

The sweet part is that I know my story is the solution to someone's problem and the painkiller someone need to dull the pain from their grief. It also aided in my healing process. I've noticed that each time I pull the scab off to revisit some of the most painful pieces of my story, I emerge stronger.

It was worth it! I have already received several comments thanking me for sharing my story as it has helped them or someone they support.

If you have a story in your belly or incubating in the recesses of your mind, I encourage you to tell it. I feel certain someone is waiting to hear it or read it. Don't be the reason they don't embrace their next level.

Want to know more about the book? Click here -

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